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We offer multiple opportunities to participate in sports for all students Jr. Kindergarten - 12th grade. Our program begins with developmental programs and advances to competitive teams for our older student-athletes.

JK-4th Grade


Philosophy Statement:

The athletic program is based upon the teachings of Christ and provides the students with opportunities for learning which foster positive attitudes about themselves and others.  Good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, and fairness characterize the athletic program at SAA-SDS.  The dignity and uniqueness of each student are respected.  The SK – 4th grade athletic program is rooted in the values of participation, teamwork, tolerance, sportsmanship and fellowship, and flows directly from the mission and philosophy of the School.


The K-4 sports program relies heavily on volunteerism, and welcomes the opportunity to partner with parents to create a positive experience for our youngest athletes. Parents who are knowledgeable about sports and possess a solid understanding of athletic principles are strongly encouraged to volunteer as coaches. In the event Parent Volunteers are unavailable, the School will select coaches with sport-specific experience from the community. Within the scope of a specific sport, coaches should work to develop the self-esteem of each individual participant, promote exercise, enhance socialization, and build class camaraderie. Every effort should be made to place sports in a Christian perspective.

Overall Goals for the K-4 Athlete:

·      Develop school spirit and pride.

·      Show respect for teammates regardless of athletic ability.

·      Build camaraderie among classmates and across grade levels.

·      Participate effectively in simple drills focused on basic skill development.

·      Accept instruction and constructive criticism from coaches.

·      Exhibit self-control during practices and games.

·      Understand general rules and violations associated with a particular sport.

·      Demonstrate sportsmanship whether winning or losing.

·      Desire to play again.

·      Improve.

Fast-facts about the SAA-SDS K-4 Athletic Program:

  1. All K-4 athletic teams are recreational. Any student who signs up for an athletic team will be able to participate.  Skill level or talent does not segregate team members. (i.e. there are no “A” or “B” teams).  Rather, the goal is to create teams balanced by different levels of talent.
  2. It is the responsibility of the parent to turn in all registration information by declared deadlines. Failure to do so may prevent placement on a team.
  3. Play Rule: a 50% play rule is in effect at the K-4 level.
  4. Soccer and Basketball teams participate in the East Shelby Church Recreation Association (ESCRA).  Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball teams participate in the Memphis Christian Recreation Association (MCRA).
  5. Teams will participate in a developmentally appropriate number of practices and/or games per week. K-2 = 2 sessions per week – any combination of practice and/or games. Grade 3-4 = 3 sessions per week – any combination of practice and/or games.
  6. The Lower School Sports Coordinator is the first person to contact regarding any problem or concern that might arise during the course of the season.


5th - 8th Grade
9th - 12th Grade