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The Sports Medicine Outreach Program at ORTHOMEMPHIS provides hands-on assistance to lessen the possibility of athletic trauma by providing certified athletic trainers (ATCs) and/or team physicians to our partners.

With OrthoMemphis’ commitment to maintaining quality orthopaedic care, the Sports Medicine Outreach Program and Certified Athletic Trainers are invaluable additions to the services we provide, as well as to the OrthoMemphis team.

Specialized Sports Medicine Physicians

Our physicians spend extra time training on the treatment of sports related injuries and conditions at a center of excellence under the supervision of a team of world renowned sports medicine surgeons. This makes our surgeons fellowship trained and experts in sports medicine.


Katie Perkins, ATC, LAT

kperkins@saa-sds.org  |  (901) 232-3650

With the partnership between ORTHOMEMPHIS and St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School, Katie Perkins, ATC joined ORTHOMEMPHIS sports medicine outreach department in 2012. She is a certified athletic trainer who will be on hand at St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School for practices and games.

Prior to joining OrthoMemphis, Katie spent the last 5 years with Chattanooga State Community College, Girls Preparatory School, and St. Mary’s Episcopal School. Katie graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and has clinical experience with almost every sport. She will work together with ORTHOMEMPHIS physicians and physical therapists to ensure that St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School athletes receive the highest quality orthopaedic care.

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